Renal Diet Grocery List

Renal Diet Grocery List [Free Printable]

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This Renal Diet Grocery List makes it easier for people with kidney disease to know what to buy at the grocery store. It’s important to note that people have different nutritional needs even if they have chronic kidney disease.

Working with a Renal Dietitian can help you personalize your diet to fit your individual needs. I’d love to be your Renal Dietitian. If you need more guidance on clearing the confusion of the renal diet, click here to book a call with me! 

This list is a general list to use as a guide. 

Renal Diet Grocery List Ingredients

Living with kidney disease doesn’t mean you need to give up your favorite foods! There are a lot of healthy foods to choose from on a renal diet. The best foods for you will depend on your lab work, what stage of kidney disease you’re in or if you’re receiving dialysis treatments.

Choosing fresh and less processed meats and low sodium foods is key to following a renal diet.


The amount and type of protein you need depends on if you’re on dialysis or not. The early stages of kidney disease don’t require as much protein as people on dialysis do.

Protein requirements are individualized because it’s based on your weight, stage of kidney disease, and other health conditions. I work with my clients to help them determine the appropriate amount of protein they need. 

Type of Protein

Studies show that plant protein can be beneficial for those with CKD. Transitioning to plant based proteins and not over consuming animal protein can help the kidneys to work more efficiently. Fresh meat, seafood, eggs, beans/legumes, tofu, dairy products, and unsalted nuts and seeds are all good sources of protein when on a renal diet.

Limit: Fresh or frozen proteins that have added sodium or phosphorus in the ingredients. Avoid processed meats like bacon, sausage, bologna, deli meats, ham, salami, hot dogs, and pre seasoned meats. 

Tip: Look for meats that are labeled “all natural” because they won’t have added sodium or phosphates.

Fruits and Vegetables

Fresh or frozen produce is beneficial for kidney health. There’re so many to choose from! However, keep star fruit and carambola off your list because they contain toxins that are harmful for the kidneys. 

Choose: Fresh, frozen, or canned with no added salt

Tip: Potassium needs very wildly. People on dialysis definitely need to monitor their potassium intake. Some drugs like angiotensin II receptor blockers can influence your potassium levels. 

Ask your Rena Dietitian what produce is right for you.


Look for ingredients that have whole grains to get the right amount of fiber in your renal diet. High fiber foods help with regular bowel movements and improve blood sugar control and cholesterol levels. Choose whole grain cereal, pasta, rice, oatmeal, popcorn, quinoa.

Limit: Foods that have added phosphates and sodium such as, flavored oatmeal, biscuits, pancake and waffle mixes


Plain water is always best, but other beverages can be included in the renal diet. Freshly brewed coffee and tea, 100% juice, and clear sodas can be part of a kidney friendly diet.

Limit: Sports drinks, dark colas, bottled teas, flavored waters, drink mixes that have added phosphate in the ingredients. 


Milk, cheese, and yogurt can be found on the renal diet grocery list. Choose natural cheese like cream cheese, cheddar, mozzarella and goat cheese. Choosing natural dairy products will help reduce the amount of phosphorus you consume. 

Limit: Cheese Whiz, American cheese, Velveeta, boxed mac and cheese, milk or cheese based soups, creamers with added phosphorus. 

Fats and Seasonings

Heart healthy fats such as olive oil and canola are beneficial when following a renal diet. Using fresh or dried herbs, lemon, and vinegars can add so much flavor to your dishes.

Limit: Salt substitutes or other seasonings that have potassium chloride in the ingredients. 

Renal Diet Grocery List

Shopping with a grocery list can make choosing foods on your renal diet easy. You’ll be able to stay on your kidney healthy lifestyle and eat the foods you love. 

Happy shopping!

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